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Medical search engines like all other search engines, helps in looking for available web sites pertaining to medical information. The search probably is more focussed as it checks the available medical databases. Some sites where these search engines can be located as follows :

Medicine and the Internet Search Page

This site at (Down) have medical search engines, general search engines and Medline search facilities. The medical search engines listed includes

MedWorld: MedBot: Super Search

This site at as the previous link, provides search engines categorised into General Indices, Search engines, Medical Indices & References, Medical Education & Learning, Medical News & Information and Medical Images & Multimedia.

Sites listed includes Achoo, Medical Matrix, MedWeb, MedGuide, Virtual Hospital, Doctor's Guide, ParentsPlace, IAPAC AIDS, Reuter's Health, New York Times, Mental Health News, WebPath and PathAtlas.

Medical, Drug and General Search Engines Forms

This site at offers General Search engines as well as Medical Search Engines. Among the listed sites are Medline, Drugs-Rx List, Merck Manual, Lab Data and MMRL.

 Healthatoz - The Search Engine for Health and Medicine

This comprehensive web site at has a search engine to look into its database and has categorised the topics into various headings. In addition it has sites for those with medical and professional interest, general or personal interest, and of interest to your patients. I like this site because it is fairly comprehensive and for your information it has links to my homepage at (Vads Corner) which was given a 5 star rating.

YAHOO! - Health

This site at is probably the first few sites that one will look for information. It is categorised by main headings and sub-headings as well as topics. It has also an excellent search engine.

Lastly, in my last article I had been warning that the haze might be back…. all it takes is a change in wind direction. We saw some evidence of this recently. The Haze page had been activated for sometime now. For further information go to


For our first cyber-interview we had a tough time to choosing whom to interview and finally decided on Dr. Alan Teh Kee Hean. Most of us cyber-surfers would have known Dr. Alan Teh while looking around for Malaysian Medical sites. Dr.Alan Teh's Malaysian Medical Resources ( ) was one of the first comprehensive Malaysian Medical sites available on the Internet before the "generics" came into being.

Dr.Alan Teh is an Associate Professor, in Department of Medicine, Division Of Clinical Haematology/Oncology, University Hospital, being appointed to this post on July 1995. He did his MBBS (Mal) in 1983, MRCP (UK) in 1988, and was awarded the FRCP (Edin) in Jan 1997.

He has a long list of publication and presented numerous papers at International Meetings to his credit. His research interest include, treatment of adult acute leukemia, bone marrow transplantation including graft-versus-host disease in Asians, cytokines in BMT, and development of peripheral stem cell transplantation and autologous marrow transplantation techniques in Malaysia.

With this brief introduction let's get to know the man behind the "scene",

1. How and when did you come to know about the Internet? How did you learn the "ropes" in using it?

I started my Jaring account in January 1995 after being inspired by my sister to "get online" so that we could communicate by email.

The initial going was tough as this was at the time email was via DOS based UUCP programs (UUPC/extended, Kendra Wonderworks) and there was no Windows Winsock dialup yet. I managed this with help from online friends and fellow Internet enthusiasts.

2. What do you use the Internet for mainly? Email? Chat? etc.

I use the Internet for email, selected newsgroups and Web access.

3. Has the Internet helped you in your work? Do you think it has all the resources you need?

Extremely invaluable. It now has ready access for medical literature search (PubMed), some online journals and also full text information retrieval sevices like Ovid.

4. How, when and why did you start the DOBBS? What are your future plans in this area?

DOBBS (Doctors Only Bulletin Board System, ) first started off as a humble mailing list after I saw the need for a doctors-only discussion forum. This was at the time jaring.medibase, a public medical discussion newsgroup was seeing alot of irrelevant postings and we also found it difficult to discuss issues sensitive to the medical profession. The mailing list proved quite popular but I had to stop this for technical reasons. Thanks to the generosity of Glaxo-Welcome and the ingenius programming efforts of the kind folk at Mediashoppe ( ), we managed to launch DOBBS in May 1997. There are now about 250 registered users. Registration is required but free for bonafide Malaysian medical practitioners. I envisage that this will become an online self-help community for the local medical profession throughout the country.

5. Do you have a web site? Why did you start it?

Malaysian Medical Resources ( This started out as an extension of my bookmarks for local medical websites which I decided to share publically. It has since grown to what it is today. Maintenance is not too difficult and I manage to update it about once a month given the limited time I have.

VI old boys/girls home page ( (new site)). This was originally started in collaboration with BK Ooi ( primarily to publicise old school contacts - email addresses particularly. Again a fairly easy site to maintain with just 10 minute updates once a month.

Department of Medicine Intranet - ( accessible) This is a private site for department use. We hope to cut down use of paper circulars and distribute these electronically instead.

6. What are your favourite sites and why?

PubMed ( - invaluable for literature search

CNN ( ) - for news

BT Stockwatch ( (Down)- to keep track of the stock market

7. Are you married? Any children? Are they on the Net?

I have been married for 15 years to a long suffering wife who is unfortunate enough to have to put up with my obsession with computers. We have an 8 year old son. No, they do not use the Internet but my son is an avid computer games player.

8. Share your thoughts on any other matters of interest.

It is my sincere wish that more Malaysian medical practitioners obtain Internet access as I believe it will truly be a useful tool for their practice - in communications, accessing information and continuing education.

Dr. Alan Teh can be contacted at

Click on picture for larger image

Dr. Alan Teh and his family.



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With that I let your "mouse" or your "keyboard" do the "talking". 

Till next month, "Happy Surfing".



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